IrCQ-Net Help - Room Operators Guide

  • What is an Op?
    Rooms are run by Room Operators, or just "ops" for short, who can control the room by choosing who may join (by "banning" some users), who must leave (by "kicking" them out), and even who may speak (by making the room "moderated")! Room ops have complete control over their room, and their decisions are final. If you are banned from a room, send a /msg to a room op and ask nicely to be let in.

    There are two ways to become a room operator:
    1. When you open a new chat room you automatically become a room operator.
    2. Join a channel and request that the operator make you an operator in that channel.

  • Op Commands
    The following commands can only be done in the channels you're Op at (Parameters which are inside <> brackets are mandatory while parameters which are inside [] brackets are optional):
    /kick <#channel> <nickname> - Kicks the user (nickname) from the given channel. Example - /Kick #romance Red - Will kick the nickname "Red" from the channel "#romance"

    /mode <#channel|nickname> <+|- modechars> [parameters] - This is a powerful command that gives channel operators control of a channel and the users on it. +modechar will enable the mode while -modechar will set this mode off. The available modechars are:
    • B - bans somebody, <person> in nick!user@host form
    • I - set an invite only channel
    • L <number> - sets a limited channel, <number> users allowed max
    • M - sets a moderated channel (only Ops and Voices can talk)
    • N - sets no external messages to the channel are allowed
    • O <nickname> - makes <nickname> a channel operator
    • P - sets a private channel
    • S - sets a secret channel
    • T - sets the channel's topic
    • K <key> - sets a key protected channel

    • /mode #ChatRoom +b Blue![email protected] - bans a user whose nick is "Blue" and uses the ident "Yellow" and the host "" from #ChatRoom
    • /mode #ICQHelp +o Pink - will give the user "pink" Op status in #ICQHelp
    • /mode #20_something +n - only users who are in this channel can send messages to it.
    • /mode #Games +m - only Ops and voices can now talk in #Games
    • /mode #ICQ_Asia +t - only Ops can now change the topic of #ICQ_Asia
    • /mode #Newbies +i - only invited users can now join #Newbies
    • /mode #ICQ_MiddleEast +p - will make this channel invisible from the channels list
    • /mode #40_something +k p9u9 - will set the key "p9u9" for #40_something meaning you can only join this channel by using the command /join #40_something p9u9
    • /mode #Music +l 60 - only 60 users max are now allowed in #Music
    • /mode #testing +nmtsipkl pass 900 - will set #test modes to all of the above with the key "pass" and limited to 900 users max.
    • /mode #testing-nmtsipkl pass - will set off all of the above keys for #testing

    * For more advanced channel options try using /msg chanserv help