• Whisky

    Get a taste for the water of life with our guide to Scotland’s national drink.

  • Gaelic

    Delve into the past, present and future of Scotland’s ancient language.

  • The Thistle

    Why is it that such a proud people as the Scots should choose a humble weed as its national symbol? In truth, no-one knows!

  • The Bagpipes

    The stirring sound of the bagpipes is quintessentially Scottish, but how did they become Scotland’s national instrument?

  • The Kilt

    A familiar fixture on true Scotsmen at sporting events, weddings and other occasions, delve into the history of Scotland’s national item of dress.

  • Tartan

    The romance of the Highlands is woven into every aspect of tartan. Explore the ‘chequered’ history of Scotland’s famous pattern.

  • The Burns Supper

    Champit tatties, bashed neeps and maybe a wee dram or two – find out the best way to celebrate Scotland’s national poet.

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    St. Andrew

    St Andrew has been the patron saint of Scotland for over 1000 years – discover why.

  • The Stone of Destiny

    Find out why this plain and rather unremarkable block of sandstone has fired the passion of Scots for 700 years.

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    The Honours of Scotland

    Marvel at the glittering history of the Scottish crown jewels, otherwise known as The Honours of Scotland.

  • The Saltire

    Information on the origins and history of the Scottish national flag