In memory of an American Patriot, born of Scottish parents, Lt. Colonel George Norrie, “Gone But Not Forgotten.” Lt. Colonel Norrie fought gallantly in World War II, Korea and Viet Nam. He served in World War II in North Africa and France with the Seventh Army. In Germany, after the war, Lt. Colonel Norrie served in the First Infantry Division (Big Red One) and in Viet Nam he was advisor to an ARVN unit. Information on Lt. Colonel Norrie obtained from his son and my cousin G. Kenneth Norrie, J. D., Attorney-At-Law, State Of Florida.

Dedicated to Sir William Wallace, gallant knight who fought for Scotland’s Independence. He died before the freedom fighter could enjoy the fruits of his labors. In the late 1860’s a monument was built in his honor that towered 220 feet. The tower still stands today in Stirling.

Sir William Wallace of Elerslie of Scottish patriot fame Dwells o’er the towered shrine which bares his name.
His monument in Stirling gracefully stands
A reminder of great Scotland’s protector of the lands.
Ride gallant chieftain, leader of the clans,
O’er the ramparts of freedom, release the brilliant plans,
On high in armored plates of battles
Revealing shields of Englishmen, invaders in saddles,
Sounding the trumpets of fallen valor enshrined in Scotland’s soil,
Enriched with noble labor strong with toil
O’er the rain drenched highlands where Wallace fell
Beneath the mountains in the streams and dell
Which echo Wallace of Scottish patriot fame Who dwells o’er the towered shrine which bares his name.

  • Sir William Wallace was one of my greatest heroes.